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Americas Cash Working Groups

Countries with an asterisk* currently do not have an established Cash Working Group, however a CVA focal point is listed. 


Cecilia Alvarado, CVA Focal Point:

CBI Regional Working Group for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela


Diego Prado Gómez, Coordinator: 

Sonia Mercedes Paz, Co-lead:

Dominican Republic*

Meaghan Donah, CVA Focal Point:


Lucía Steinberg, Co-lead:

Xavier Muenala, Co-lead:

Isidro Navarro, CCD Focal Point:

El Salvador

Henry Montano, Lead:

Cristina Galvez, Lead:

Cristina Palacios, Co-lead:

Brenda Liliana de Cid, Co-lead:



Amarilis Cruz, Co-lead: 

Glenda Izabel Rodas, Co-lead:



Cassendy Charles, Co-lead:

Clément Rouquette, Co-lead:


Oscar Portillo, Co-lead:

Claudia Torres, Co-lead:


Adrienne Alberti, Co-lead:

Morgane Bellion, Co-lead:


Yara Romariz Maasri, Co-lead:

Henry Flores, Co-lead:


US & Canada

Lynn Yoshikawa,

Steering Committee Members:

Holly Radice,

Tenzin Manell,

Benjamin Phillips,

Qundeel Khattak,

Darin Ottenhoff,


Mauricio Pretto Pereira, Co-lead:

Elizabeth Araniva, Co-lead: