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Oriente Medio y Norte de África

The CALP Network ofrece apoyo técnico, de coordinación y de políticas a las organizaciones que implementan, o están considerando implementar, programas de transferencias monetarias en la región. La oficina regional de la CALP Network se encuentra en la sede de Oxfam International en Amman, Jordania.

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Transferts d’argent : Programmation pour les situations d’urgences

Guides et outils

Un guide compact et concis visant à soutenir les gestionnaires de programmes afin d’évaluer si le cash est la réponse la plus appropriée en cas d’urgence et de choisir entre différents types d’interventions monétaires. Ce guide est basé sur l’expérience d’Oxfam GB sur cinq ans...


Mapping the Market: A framework for rural enterprise development policy and practice

Guidelines and Tools

Markets matter to the rural poor.  It is increasingly clear that in tackling rural poverty, market-related issues –  including access to information, institutions, linkages and trade rules – are vital considerations.  Failure to address these issues means that the benefits of other developments...


Evaluation of OFDA Cash for Relief Intervention in Ethiopia: Final Report


As a result of insufficient rainfall in 2002 and 2003, the Ethiopian Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission (DPPC) issued an international appeal for food assistance in December 2003. Some 7.2 million people were estimated to be at risk in 2004. An OFDA/DART’s response to this crisis resulted...


Clients First! A Rapid Market Appraisal Tool Kit: Theoretical background and experiences from various RMA events

Guidelines and Tools

Clients First! focuses on one vital element of market research that should be carried out before deciding to support at the agricultural production side or to proceed with an agribusiness project: a market feasibility study. The publication describes the main characteristics of a basic market study as...


Seed Vouchers and Fairs

Guidelines and Tools

This manual describes a new (2002) approach to post-emergency seed distribution in Africa, where farmers receive not free seed but vouchers that can be exchanged for seed at a specially organized seed fair. Seed fairs rely on commercial seed firms (where they are in operation), as well as local seed...


Cash Transfers in Emergencies: Evaluating Benefits and Assessing Risks


In terms of both theory and practice, there appears to be a strong case for cash-based responses to food emergencies where the supply and market conditions are appropriate. Amartya Sen’s work on entitlements offers a solid theoretical base for cash transfers, and the practical experience so far, limited...


Walking the Talk Presentation to the Zimbabwe CTWG May 2011


Presentation accompanying the report ‘Walking the Talk – the Impacts of Cash Transfers on Gender Relations’ commissioned by Oxfam & Concern.


Housing: Enabling markets to work with technical supplements


This policy paper discusses the evolving role of the World Bank in the housing sector and provides a new agenda for housing policy and institutional reform in developing countries. It explains the rationale for a new housing policy statement, presents a conceptual and analytical framework for...