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SHARE SPACE Do child grants lead to increased pregnancies? An evidence view from Asia and the Pacific

Policy paper

Despite strong evidence showing that broad-based cash transfers targeting pregnant women and young children reduce poverty, improve health, nutrition and education and increase economic growth, concerns are often raised among policymakers that these payments may increase incentives to have children, in...

30 juin 2021

Transfers with Impact – Pathway to Link Humanitarian Cash to Social Protection through Social Accountability

Policy paper

In response to the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic, governments have introduced over 1,600 social protection measures in almost all the world’s countries and territories. Cash assistance – a critical intervention in supporting the world’s most vulnerable people – also grew by 240% during...

24 juin 2021

Les transferts monétaires dans la réponse à la pandémie de COVID-19 Leçons apprises d’un programme multi-pays de CARE


CARE a mis en œuvre un programme multi-pays, dans le but de réduire les impacts négatifs de la COVID-19 sur les populations vulnérables, en particulier les femmes et les jeunes filles, en utilisant des approches complémentaires et multimodales, y compris les transferts monétaires aux populations...

18 juin 2021

Cash and Voucher Assistance in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Lessons Learned from a CARE Multi-Country Program


CARE implemented a multi-country program with the aim of reducing the negative impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations, especially women and girls, using complementary and multimodal approaches, including the provision of cash and voucher assistance (CVA). Given the nature and scale of this program...

18 juin 2021

English Version: GOAL’s use of cash transfers in response to Hurricane’s Eta and Iota, Honduras 2021


English Version: GOAL’s use of cash transfers in response to Hurricane’s Eta and Iota, Honduras 2021. Communications video. Watch video here

16 juin 2021

L’égalité de genre, l’atténuation et la réponse à la violence basée sur le genre dans les transferts monétaires : leviers et lacunes Analyse de trois études de cas


L’intégration du genre dans les Transferts Monétaires (TM) a été définie comme une action prioritaire dans le cadre du Grand Bargain Cash Workstream en 2018. Bien que les projets avec TM soient généralement mis en œuvre par des acteurs humanitaires pris individuellement ou en consortiums, il...

27 mai 2021

Cash and voucher assistance for sexual reproductive health and rights learnings from Ecuador, Colombia, Lebanon, and Somalia


ARE is committed to ensuring that projects with cash and voucher assistance (CVA) are designed with and for women and girls, addressing recipients’ needs, challenges, and opportunities. CARE has invested in research on how to make CVA work for women and girls through gender-sensitive approaches to...

12 mai 2021

Transferts monetaires pour des resultats en matiere de sante et des droits sexuels et reproductifs


L’étude a examiné la programmation dans quatre contextes (Colombie, Équateur, Liban et Somalie). L’étude initiale a été réalisée par deux consultantes, l’une s’est concentrée sur le Liban et la Somalie et l’autre sur la Colombie et l’Équateur. La collecte de données a inclus 25...

12 mai 2021

Enablers and Gaps: Gender Equality, Gender-Based Violence Response and Mitigation in Cash and Voucher Assistance at Response levels: analysis on three case studies


The Gender and Cash Sub-Workstream identified three case studies that illustrate how Cash Working Groups, GBV Sub-Clusters, gender focal points (e.g. Gender in Humanitarian Action Working groups at country and regional level) and humanitarian partnerships can enable meaningful and wider engagement on...

26 avril 2021

Systematization document regional learning event: Linking cash and voucher assistance with social protection systems


The purpose of this document is to systematize the process of organizing the Regional Learning Event on « Linking Cash and Voucher Assistance with Social Protection Systems », convened by REDLAC and the Regional Cash Working Group -R4V for May 20th, 2021.
The Grand Bargain’s Working Cash Workstream,...

11 juin 2020