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Cash is no Riskier than Other Forms of Aid. So Why Do We Still Treat In-kind like the Safer Option?

Blog Post

The first in a new series of blogs on cash and voucher assistance and risk, this article from the CALP Network’s Stefan Bumbacher debunks some common myths around the risk of misappropriation and fraud in CVA.

13 March 2019

Guía para la salvaguarda de la niñez en los Programas de Transferencias Monetarias

Guía y herramientas

El propósito de esta guía es determinar los posibles riesgos en materia de salvaguarda de la niñez asociados con los programas de transferencias monetarias y ofrecer ciertas sugerencias durante la gestión dichos programas, (haciendo hincapié en los métodos de seguimiento y mitigación) con el fin de...

1 March 2019

Identification et atténuation des risques d’abus de pouvoir liés à l’assistance monétaire au Burundi


Ce document présente les enseignements tirés de la mission conjointe HCR-PAM au Burundi visant à identifier et à atténuer les risques d’abus de pouvoir liés à l’assistance monétaire. L’analyse s’est focalisée sur l’assistance monétaire par téléphone mobile pour le retour volontaire...


Guide sur la sauvegarde des enfants dans les programmes de transferts monétaires

Guides et outils

L’objectif de ce guide est d’identifier les risques potentiels liés à la sauvegarde des enfants des les programmes de transferts monétaires et de fournir des suggestions sur la manière de les gérer (y compris le suivi et l’atténuation), afin que les enfants connaissent la plus grande...

1 January 2019

Displaced & Disconnected – Connectivity for Refugees


UNHCR recognizes that one of the ‘hard stops’ in facilitating mobile connectivity and access to finance for displaced populations is non-conducive regulatory environments. In particular, ID-related legal requirements have proven a significant barrier to access. For example, a refugee who cannot...


Unblocked Cash Pilot Full Report


This full report details the project scope, impact and learnings from the Unblocked Cash pilot in Vanuatu. The project was delivered in partnership with Oxfam Australia and ConsenSys, with funds from the Australian Government, and utilised a stablecoin, Dai, as the underlying value .


Kızılaykart Cash Based Assistance, Information Note


Following the first refugee wave in May 2011, refugees from Syria has continued to seek asylum in Turkey. As a result of the open-door policy between 2011 and 2015, Syrians were welcomed by the Turkish government and obtained legal status under temporary protection. Subsequently, Turkey is hosting more...


The Digital Lives of Refugees: How displaced populations use mobile phones and what gets in the way


GSMA in partnership with UNHCR conducted quantitative surveys and qualitative research to understand the ways in which refugees are using mobile phones in order to help guide digital interventions by humanitarian organisations and mobile network operators. The research identifies key trends, statistics,...


Cash for Shelter in Kenya – A Field Experience


A study of a cash for shelter project in Kalobeyei that highlights how UNHCR uses cash assistance to help the refugees to transition to more durable solutions, in this case, integration with the host community. The project presents a paradigm shift from the traditional refugee camp planning process.

December 2018

Mitigating Risks of Abuse of Power in Cash Assistance – Workshop Nairobi, Kenya


UNHCR and WFP are implementing a joint project to identify and mitigate risks of abuse of power by private sector service providers in the delivery
of cash assistance to vulnerable populations. The workshop, held in Nairobi on 10-11 December 2018, followed visits to the first two pilot countries,...

December 2018